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Puppy Social Hours

Give your puppy the benefits of off-leash playtime in a safe, supervised environment for just $5 per session! You will learn how to safely supervise your puppy’s play, how and when to intervene if there is tension or escalation of the play and the basics of dog body language.  Emphasis is placed on making sure each puppy has a positive experience playing with others.  Puppies are matched by play style and shyer puppies are allowed to observe until they are ready to venture into the mix.  Your puppy will go home enriched and tired! 

Ages Welcome

8 weeks to 6 months

Regular Hours

  • Tuesdays at 2:00pm (9:00am during the summer) for older or more confident puppies

  • Fridays at 2:00pm (9:00am during the summer) for younger and shyer puppies


  • Proof of initial DHPP and dewormer at minimum. All pups must be up to date for their age.

  • Liability Release Form

  • Enrollment Form


$5.00 Per Session

RSVP by Email

RSVPs are gathered the day before each Social.

Board & Train

Dogs who are accepted into a Board & Train live and train on our fully fenced acreage and typically stay for 1-3 weeks. While here, they experience an enriched environment, a health-giving routine, daily dog-dog play, high-level training, and field trips to trails and beaches.

With rare exceptions, only one to two dogs are accepted into Board & Train at a time, and they enjoy all the privileges of resident status; a nice chew in the afternoon, belly rubs in the evening, and an overnight snooze in the master bedroom.

This in no way compares to traditional kennel boarding! Owners are provided with daily text check-ins, instructional videos, and a full orientation on how to maintain newly acquired skills and manners. The price of the Board & Train includes an initial consultation and a follow-up home visit for Whidbey Island residents.

Board and Train - $200/day, minimum 7 days

One week Board and Train - $1,400

Two-week Board and Train - $2,500

Three-week Board and Train - $3,400


Individual Training

If you are having behavioral issue with your dog, I can help! Are you struggling with house-soiling, chewing, digging, leash walking, jumping up, dog-dog socialization issues, resource guarding, or just want a better recall? Maybe you’d like to learn how to effectively communicate with your dog, or you’d like to brush up on the basics, or teach him/her some fancy tricks. Training here at my facility or in your home (home visits for South Whidbey Island residents)

Initial Assessment - $120        

Per Session Rate (less than 4) - $100           

Series of 4 Sessions - $320     

Series of 6 Sessions - $480    

Group Classes

Being in a social group is part of the fun of dog ownership! With just 6 dogs per class you’ll get plenty of individual attention AND you’ll learn from the group. Emphasis in the Basic Obedience classes for Puppies and Adults is placed on the foundational obedience behaviors sit, stand, down, stay, wait, leave it, recall, and loose leash walking. We will also talk about enrichment and living a more fulfilling life with your dog.

Playing Together
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