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"Training my dog early was key to getting the well behaved dog that I love and cherish.  This class and Maureen's energy and techniques were the key"                                   

-Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"Thank you for the excellent class.  I feel as though my dog has made unbelievable progress in improving the quality of our lives together.  I've also learned so much!"

-Group Obedience Course Evaluation

"Three things I appreciated:
1. Calm , positive , organized and encouraging approach, especially appreciated by 73 yr old first time large and exuberant puppy owner.
2. Very thorough, but succinct printed materials and very helpful videos.
3. Wonderful setting for overall puppy training, both classroom and amazing acreage for puppy play and training.   
No areas for improvement!!!"

-Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"Awesome class!  Well worth the time and investment.  Will absolutely recommend to others.  Thank you.  It is obvious your passion and love for training pups."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation

The three things I liked most about this class were:

1) Love the start with fun walk/play

2) Activities were sequentially formatted

3) Baby steps to ensure dog is successful

4) Follow up videos by email - excellent tool that made for successful training

"Best training class I have attended!"

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"The facility, the consistency and your patience are all excellent attributes"

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"Your knowledge and expertise in dog training and dog "psychology" has been so helpful to set us up with the tools we need to teach our pup the skills to successfully socialize with dogs and people.  We're on our way, such a big difference in him!"

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"We really appreciated this class, Maureen.  Ben and I have really grown as trainers of Eddie and Eddie has relaxed/calmed more and follows our prompts much more consistently."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation

"We feel so blessed to have found you! Puppy Social and Obedience Group Class have helped our dog enjoy his life and bring greater joy to ours.  Thank you!"

 - Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"You have a natural talent for what you do and your patience with dog and owners is amazing - thank you!"

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"The value from our time participating in your creative and beneficial programs will most certainly be a significant part to the foundation of Franky becoming a solid little citizen. We both thank you for sharing your expertise in such a beautiful and fun way."

- Dianne


"Maureen is very thorough, non-judgmental, and skilled."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation

The three things I like most about this class were: "1) Positive training for both dog and owner 2) play before class 3) weekly homework emails."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"Thank you with heartfelt gratitude for connecting me on a deeper level with my puppy and improving her skills."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"I felt so supported in bringing out all the potential in myself as a trainer and my dog as a challenging puppy."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation


"We are thrilled by how much progress both of our boys have made this summer; their lives, and ours, are greatly enhanced as a result of our working with you. Thank you." 


"Loved that you are so knowledgeable. Provided constructive comments and worked us at a comfortable pace. Class was organized and well presented."

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation

"I hope that my positive feedback here lets you know that the walking experience Elliot and I had this morning was so enjoyable.  Like having a different pup! I had to check his tags to be sure I had the same dog."

- Kathy

"Maureen is an excellent resource - we feel very confident with her teaching."       

- Group Obedience Course Evaluation

"Thanks for the opportunity to allow the puppies a safe space with guidance to exercise their social behavior and teach us humans along the way.  I will be forever grateful for that stepping stone and for your advice in the barking situations - it was resolved in a few weeks."

- Cami


"Bottom line up front:  Maureen is extremely knowledgeable and proficient, and an absolute pleasure to deal with.  We recently left our puppy with Maureen for a week of board and train to help with her loose leash walking, recall, and general obedience.  Two weeks since getting our dog back, we have been thoroughly impressed with how much Maureen was able to accomplish with her in only a week.  She now understands how to yield to the leash when slight tension is felt.  She has a very reliable recall that I feel confident about in critical situations.  She is able to wait at an open door politely until we release her.  And, probably our favorite thing is that Maureen helped introduce her to nosework, which has quickly become her new favorite activity.  One of the concerns I had going into the board and train was that I wouldn't be able to pick up where Maureen left off.  This has not been as issue at all thanks to Maureen thoroughly training me (arguably more important than training the dog) through follow-up hands on instruction, videos, and detailed guides.  Overall, I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Maureen and her services to anyone looking to bring their dog's training to the next level."

- Luke


"I just thought I’d share an update and story about Paiton: the first time we have ever really needed to do an emergency recall


There is a great fetch spot beside gasworks park, the only thing is it is not fenced and there are a bunch of roads nearby so if Paiton is distracted, there are other people, dogs, or too many birds there I skip it. On Tuesday with the weather no one was there and Paiton had been extra well behaved so I let her off her lead to practice some stuff and play fetch, about 30 seconds passed however when I saw a blue heeler running towards us without an owner!


After really a considerable amount of restraint on Paiton’s behalf and two very nearly successful attempts to call her over using the ball as a bribe the pair of furballs took off full steam to the other the end of the park, around a small grass mound about 80 yards away, and near a busy road corner so I pulled out my whistle and blew as hard as I could! Within 3 seconds Paiton reappeared from around the tiny hill running fast straight at me!! She did not deviate, slow, or break her fixation the slightest bit the whole run back and was handsomely rewarded with half a bag of still-warm fresh cooked chicken breast!


Cassie and I are extremely lucky and thankful for all your amazing instruction and recall training with Paiton, this situation could have turned out horribly and instead, it is the highlight of my week. Thank you so much!"

- Jack


"Maureen, you are just fantastic with dogs.  Upbeat, smart, full of solutions. A lifesaver - extremely practical, solutions-oriented."

- Judyth

"It was wonderful to work with Maureen on individual lessons for our Golden Retriever.  I appreciated the thorough write-ups and videos that were included with each of our sessions - so helpful!"

- Heidi


"I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful Social Hour! Your facility and training style are marvelous. We enjoyed it so much, and would love to return again."

- Martha

"Maureen as an instructor is very clear, concise, and reassuring.  She is so knowledgeable.  I'm so glad to have her as a resource."

- Maribel

"I am so glad to have found 7 Cedars and Maureen, through a friend’s recommendation.

I believe, due to Covid and staying home, Ian had become a bit of a nightmare and I could not take his sister and him anywhere (both are Cairn Terriers).   Ian would “go after” any other dog, old or young, big or small.  He was especially bad on leash.  I heard about Maureen’s Puppy Social Hour, and results were almost immediate.   Before the first class, Maureen was able to see him growling at other dogs. Once I unleashed him he was better. The second class he didn’t growl at all. And by the third class not only didn’t he growl on or off leash but he’s playing with other dogs, and he’s acting better in the car as well. He greeted a fellow dog shopper in a store, on the way home from class number three and he was very friendly.  This seemed impossible a few short weeks ago.   I definitely see the correlation and the improvement since attending the socials.   It’s such a relief not to have to worry about him anymore."

- Katrina


"Attending Seven Cedars with my pup for Social Hours has been a very rewarding experience for both of us. 


The grounds are beautiful, immaculate, and safe. All dogs are carefully evaluated to make sure they are in the right playgroup. Maureen supervises the play and interactions the entire hour. She teaches about behavior patterns and ways to modify behavior and interactions as they come up. We see immediately how to apply it for future. 

I highly recommend Seven Cedars Dog Training!"

- Lyn 

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