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ANNOUNCING: Agility for Fun, Skills, and Confidence

A 6-week, 9:00am, group class, starting August 28th. $200 per dog

This 6-week class is designed to build confidence in your dog and introduce agility obstacles. This is not a class aimed toward competition. Participants will be introduced to the table, jumps, tunnel, tire jump, A-frame, and dog walk and wobble board. Skills will include handling, off-leash obedience, and clicker training basics. We won’t be building up speed in this class, and the objects are low, so this class is safe for dogs over 6 months old.

Limit: 6 dogs


  • Dog-friendly dog!

  • Basic obedience including a solid sit, down, stay, and recall

  • No prior agility classes – if you’ve already taken an agility class and wish to continue your education, please contact Jerry Lloyd or Vicki Machuga.

Six consecutive Saturdays at 9:00am:

  • August 28

  • September 4

  • September 11

  • September 18

  • September 25

  • October 2

We will be training outdoors! Dress for the weather.

If you are interested in the class email Maureen

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