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Let's Make GREENBANK Safer for Dogs! Foxtail work party.

To my Seven Cedars Dog Community:

Please read the message below from fellow dog lover and islander, Sego Jackson.

The dog-threatening Foxtail Grass is at the stage that it needs to be pulled before the seeds are released. We are organizing a “pop-up” work party Friday July 7, 3-6 pm., Highway Entrance of Greenbank Farm. If possible, come during that time for even 30 minutes, it will make a big difference. Or stop by to see what the grass looks like and pull some at another time. You can also look at the links below my signature.

The foxtail appears to be isolated to the highway entrance area, but I did find one plant near the other entrance. If more of us know what it looks like we can know if it is in other areas, and if you see it elsewhere on the property, you can let me/others know.

The grass plants are mostly still easy to pull, or just removing the seed head works. I’ll provide the garbage bags and handle the disposal fee at the transfer station.

Here are things to bring and know:

  • All are welcome! Tell your friends! Let your networks know.

  • Let’s keep this fun and easy. What we get done, we get done, and any removal of the seed load will reduce next year’s plants for sure. (They are annuals)

  • No dogs. Not safe due to the foxtail grass.

  • Bring gloves for sure, sun hat, water, and other options to consider include digging trowel, hand pruning shears, pad to kneel on.

  • Do check your clothing and tools before you leave the work party, so as to not accidentally take any seeds home with you.

If you or others have any questions, email me at

We can do this!


Sego Jackson

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