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Puppy Fosters Needed!

Red Waggin' Rescue is looking for two temporary foster homes for two gorgeous homeless puppies (ideally housed separately as it's time for them to gain some independence). These pups, born 3/18/23, have plenty of applications for adoption coming in all the time but the rescue needs time to review the applications, interview the applicant, arrange meet and greets etc. Meanwhile, these pups need to move on from their current foster homes.

Would you consider inviting a puppy to share your home? It's a big ask, so think about it carefully before responding! There is a vibrant community of Red Waggin' Rescue volunteers on Whidbey Island so you would have some moral support and you'd have my support for behavioral questions and also a free pass to the weekly Puppy Social Hours.

If you're interested to learn more, text Maureen! 206-457-6176

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