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ANNOUNCING Puppy Basics Class

A 6 week 9:00am, group class, starting Sunday, August 22. $200 per dog

Learn the basics of positive reinforcement training! Your puppy will learn sit, down, stand, stay, wait, leave it, loose leash walking, and to come when called. In addition, we will practice body handling (taking the stress out of veterinary exams) talk about puppy play biting, and many other practical aspects of puppy ownership. There will be frequent opportunities for your puppy to freely socialize with the other puppies in the class under careful supervision. Part of what you will learn as an owner is to recognize the body language of healthy play and when and how to intervene if there is tension or escalation of the play.

This course is designed for the young puppy as a first introduction to obedience and group class. If you've already been to puppy class and you'd like to continue your dog's education please consider these Whidbey Island opportunities:

Nose work with Georgia Edwards

Group classes with Jan Shannon

Agility with Jerry Lloyd or Vicki Machuga

Wait for either the Obedience Refresher or the Intermediate Obedience group class here at Seven Cedars Dog Training (coming this year)

Limit: 4 dogs


  • First round of vaccinations plus initial dewormer and vet care must be up to date for their age.

Six consecutive Sundays at 9:00am:

  • August 22

  • August 29

  • September 5

  • September 12

  • September 19

  • September 26

If you are interested in the class email Maureen

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